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No restrictions on the size and types of clothing, mannequin size.

The ability to combine different types of clothing in one step.

Easy integration into online stores business processes.

What is TRUMO?

what is trumo

What is TRUMO?

This is an online fitting room service for online stores. TRUMO service offers preliminary fitting of clothes on a physical mannequin in a centralized fitting room without delivery of clothes to the buyer or to the pick-up point.

What makes the service TRUMO unique?

No restrictions on the size and type of clothing, mannequin size

The ability to combine different types of clothing in one step.

Easy integration into online stores business processes.

Real clothes and a real mannequin are used for fitting, which guarantees high reliability of the result. The mannequin has characteristics like the human body, and as accurately as possible conveys the image with the clothes on it.

The service allows you to see a realistic image of the selected clothing on a mannequin that repeats the individual shape of the buyer.

Automated conveyor line for quick creation of individual mannequins provides wide scalability and applicability in mass sales (technology for quick creation of an individual mannequin on request from the Internet is patented)

TRUMO service allows you to organize remote fitting of clothes, as an addition to the existing process of ordering clothes over the Internet.

The fitting is performed on a real physical mannequin, created according to the size of the buyer at the time of fitting. The result of the fitting is provided to the buyer in the form of photo and video materials. Before placing an order, the buyer has the opportunity to preliminarily assess whether the selected clothing suits him and put only suitable clothing items into the cart.

How does it work?

Regular fitting

Return of goods 70%

Redemption of goods 30%

Pre-fitting with Trumo

Return of goods 20%

Redemption of goods 80%

Integrated into business

TRUMO service can be integrated into existing business processes of online retail as an optional fitting stage.

The buyer is provided with a visual report on fitting in the form of pictures and/or a videos through the personal account of the service.

Expected effect of the TRUMO service implementation

Reducing the return of goods and logistics warehouse-buyer-warehouse by 70%.

Increase in customer loyalty (due to a unique fitting service).

Reduction of inventory for fitting by 80%.

Socializing sales and fitting (sharing photos and opinions on social media, family access to fitting, fitting and shopping for someone).

Increase in the percentage of sales in one order by 300%.

Expansion of the sales geography through sales in remote regions and sales outside the customs zone.

Increase in sales through advertising in the service.

Personalization and digitization of the subscriber base, Big Data analysis. The possibility of a strategic transition to a full virtual fitting and individual print of clothes

Additional services: fashion consulting (design the selection of clothes), fitting of exclusive and expensive clothing items.

Increase of assortment in one order by 300%.

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